Friday, April 29, 2011

David - great News!

Remember David, the man with a dream?

We've of course very much remained in touch.
Thing is, I don't want to jinx things by talking about stuff that may, or may not eventuate and have thus refrained from blogging about his trials and tribulations but instead waited for events to unfold at their own pace.

Well, I was impressed then and am totally blown away now!
We just had a conversation and he has shared some of his upcoming plans - and things are looking much more than just "good", they are looking stellar! This is happening to a dude who decided to take a massive gamble and relinquish his job in order to follow his childhood dream and devote his life to Sharks, and who kept persevering all the way to the point where he ended up being homeless and borderline destitute!
Talk about walking the talk and being totally fearless and totally committed!

Anyway, it's not for me to break the news.
I know that he is planning to reveal some of it soon, and I can only urge you to keep an eye on his blog and on his Facebook page.

Congrats buddy - nobody deserves it more than you!

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