Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting the Shot!

Jon at work - and yes, that would be a gaggle of 3m Bulls, in highly questionable visibility! Click for detail!

It's a wrap!
We've been extremely busy hosting a small and hectic three-day shoot for an upcoming rather epic Ozzie production about Bull Sharks.

No, it's not about us at all.
We're just a tiny part of the whole enchilada and Fiji was merely the location for capturing some very specific difficult but necessary cutaways. Right now, I'm not at liberty to tell you more but I will certainly do so once the production airs. From what I can discern, it's very much the contrary of Shark porn and a prime example of the kind of programming we all in the industry should promote.
As I said: epic!

On location our friend Malcolm for stills, plus cameraman Jonathan Shaw of Ginclearfilms, a boutique production outfit based in Sydney.
Here's a Sharky example of what they do.

Fish Rock Cave- South West Rocks from ginclearfilm on Vimeo.

I must say, this has been fun.
Both gents are as nice as it gets and I must attest to Jonathan that he's got some big brass cojones! The nature of the shoot required him to get up close and personal and he did, in this particular case with the ever feisty Maite, one of our biggest! In viz that was all but gin clear - which incidentally was a good thing!
And I must also add: the Best Shark Dive in the World always delivers! :)
Check it out!

Anyway, that was today.
Tomorrow we'll be back to business as usual, meaning that I'll hopefully find the time and energy, and above all, the mojo to address the topic of Shark bling. There's hundreds if not thousands of Sharks of dozens of species swimming around carrying some permanent man-made decoration courtesy of an ever increasing host of telemetry-enamored researchers.
Much to debate there!

And Volker: hope that answers you concern! :)

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