Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knopp's Shark?

From the website of the Florida Museum of Natural History

One sure never stops learning!

Apparently, that's the other name for the Bignose Shark, Carcharhinus altimus, in itself a rather obscure species, at least to this scribe. Even Compagno's FAO catalogue describes a Shark that can easily be mistaken for a whole range of similarly ambiguous Carcharhinids.

This is why the following video caught my attention.
It features the catching, measuring, tagging and release of a Bignose Shark by some of Doc's people over in Bimini. Very cool - although to me, that species will continue to remain a total mystery!

All-in-all, a nice piece, although I always cringe when somebody uses monster and lurking in connection with Sharks - especially when it appears that the guy is an aspiring scientist! It's little things like that that set the tone - and may I be sensing a little Freudian lapse here...?
But granted, he more than compensates for it at the end. Maybe.

Anyway, enjoy!

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