Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beqa Shark Dive!

That would be us!

Talking of Fiji's pro-Shark media, meet Jone Kalouniviti of Mai Life!
After his phenomenal pro-Shark debut in February, he has once again written a brilliant, compelling and well-researched piece about our work with Fiji's Bull Sharks. And as I shall never tire to point out: compare this to the hysteria and to the outright hypocrisy of those Uncle Charlies over in Hawaii!

The article is essentially a synopsis of our most recent foray into the country's rivers where we will henceforth start researching and documenting the life history of the pups in the nursery areas. So far, the data have already led to the imminent publishing of Eroni's and Victor's first scientific paper and to a great pro-Shark feature on MaiTV.
As research progresses, Eroni plans to covert it into a Sharky PhD thesis - which may well be the first ever such endeavor in the history of the University of the South Pacific!

Vinaka Jone, great job as always!
Yes and I know that the wrong name is just an honest (and alas, consistent) mistake! (:

Please click on the images - and Enjoy!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Mike old buddy, why did the team attach a seagull to the tagging pole?

Some kind of "Fiji thing?"


DaShark said...

You should know better - it's a "Bahamas thing"!

That's Gary tagging the Bulls at Walker's when they did the pilot project back in 2002 before re-locating the whole thing over to Fiji.

But thanks for asking!