Friday, May 01, 2015

Targeting pregnant Sharks in Florida!

Oh yes - there's nothing wrong with this, just some harmless FUN! And highly educative for the kids! Source.

And I cite.
FWC enforcement officers in the Keys are aware of the nocturnal shark-fishing activity at Sea Oats Beach and pay special attention to it during the shark pupping season, agency spokesman Officer Bobby Dube said.
"Fishermen are allowed to catch sharks," Dube said. "Finning is illegal but catching sharks is not."
Read this - fishermen are targeting and killing pregnant Sharks in the Florida Keys, and the FWC sees nothing wrong with that. Much like the IGFA that continue to certify those all-tackle weight records which for Fishes inevitably equals the biggest, likely pregnant females that happen to be the most prolific and thus most valuable breeders.

Remember this?
Looks like 5 years on, progress is still zilch - which is even more disturbing considering the legions of Floridian Shark divers that swamp us with all those terminally boring videos and ALL purport to be saving Sharks by changing perceptions yada yada! How about less self promotion and less breathy statements, and instead, more meaningful action on the ground folks!

You know who you are!

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R.I.P Florida Shark Conservation said...

Mike, Mike, Mike.

Let's gets something straight.

As of 2011, with the exception of about 5 people, the rest of the Florida shark conservation crowd, along with associated diaspora, a few researchers, PhD candidates, and folks with cameras - changed tactics.

It used to be a case of, "what we can do for the sharks."

It is now a clear case of, "what the sharks can do for us."

Sharks are the new/old underwater vehicle to:

- TV shows
- Speaking events
- Branded content spots
- Blow jobs from dubious individuals
- Free beers (usually lite beers)
- Facebook "likes"
- Name recognition
- The ability to become an expert
- Go Pro endorsements

And on, and on.

Making money with sharks or getting funding for shark research is tough business. Made evident that the vast majority of those currently engaged with sharks who change tactics and behaviors routinely in an effort to raise/lower the bar.

While most end up leaving the industry, the damage done by an endless cycle of old guard passing on shenanigans to new guard does nothing for conservation, instead it creates an ongoing circus like act with sharks that others emulate to the Insane Clown Posse level of moronic behaviors.

Are we at the nadir?


Let's recognize that at one point in time people actually cared enough to see the animal first.

That they only see "careers and social media froth" today is a sad end to what once was a great adventure in conservation.

R.I.P Florida Shark Conservation


"The World Shook With Our Outrage"