Saturday, May 16, 2020

GHH vs Blacktips - Video!

Same-same but different: this is a huge GHH nailing a Grey Reefie in French Polynesia - source. Remember the paper? Click for detail!

Check this out, amazing.

But, the predation at the end?
Why is that Blacktip so lethargic - maybe because that shoot is staged = because that Shark had been caught and was being used as bait, which would also explain why the drone operator was able to conveniently zoom in before the action unfolded?
Honi qui mal y pense!

Incidentally, note how the Blacktips use the shallow water to escape - paper here, synopsis here.


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ngatiyaya said...

Funny the truth behind some video/photos saw an image of a bull shark on 12 most dangerous critters in the amazon and in the background was a wheelie bin think they might have been borrowing from you guys.