Sunday, December 22, 2019

Here we go!

Well well, lookee lookee.

I just knew it.
The Winter has been way too warm, to the point that this year's Bull Shark life cycle has been accelerated, with birthing and mating happening 2-3 weeks early. And since the ocean has never quite cooled down, now there is already a lot of hot water up north. And here it is bloody hot.
So hello coral bleaching and cyclones!

This would be a Cat 1 to Cat 2.
Yes it's only a forecast by computer models - but I for one am personally convinced that this time it is accurate, so there. Metvuw here; Windy here; Himawari here!
But who am I to say!

Anyway - you know what to do!

PS - NaDraki here!
PPS - They're expecting the cyclone to slow down as it approaches Fiji, gather strength and become a Cat 3+. Not good for the West and also Kadavu and Southern Lau.
PPPS - it is now a cyclone named Sarai, and continuing to intensify.

PPPS - not good.

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