Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Le Monde du Silence!

Yup those would be Tortoises - click for detail.

Remember these posts about Cousteau?

The videos have since been taken down.
Here is the whole movie in original version - til it gets taken down, too!
But before you watch, heed this *WARNING* that by the standards of back then in 1956, the ocean was there for the taking and consequently, those were epic, adventurous and intrepid feats = sensibilities were completely different, meaning that you will likely be shocked by what you see.
*You have been warned!*

Still, methinks that it is worth watching as a historic document.
Should you want to avoid watching the most controversial among many other controversial scenes: dynamite at 22:10ff, baby Sperm Whale at 47:20ff , subsequent OWT massacre at 56:20ff: really despicable stuff - the good news being that we sure have come a long long way since those days!

Anyway - here it is.

And this is the English version.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for your comment on the Fiji shark fin ban

DaShark said...

I have no clue... lemme find out more!

DaShark said...

Et voilà!