Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fiji: Shark Fin Ban!

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Well well.

Read this.
Obviously it's a good thing - albeit with caveats, i.e.
  • My gut tells me that this is less about conservation and more about CITES as from a practical point of view, a blanket ban eliminates the need for cumbersome species identifications and NDFs.

  • The way I see it, this should merely be considered a stop-gap measure pending the establishment of sustainable management much like in the case of those Shark Sanctuaries

  • Where I come from, the saying is that The Good is the Enemy of the Better = is this for Shark fins only, or have they also included the Rays, or at least the increasingly endangered Wedge- and Guitarfishes, see at top?

  • What about whole, or even partial Sharks, see this?
    Detail detail!

  • With Fiji being a pioneer in Coral planting - here's to there being an exemption for certified sustainable mariculture!
And this self congratulatory piece of horse manure?
No, Fiji did not join, and this got nothing whatsoever to do with those folks, zero = for the record and lest anybody forgets, THIS is their legacy in Fiji! 
Seriously, what a fucking disgrace!

Let's go Shark diving - sustainably!

PS - q.e.d. = Giant Guitarfishes and Wedgefishes, collectively called Rhino Rays, are now the world’s most threatened marine fish!

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