Saturday, May 04, 2019

Goodbye, Doc.

Doc and his lovely family. Source.

What a tragedy.
I had been away, and had missed the horrible news of Doc's passing.

No, no eulogy here - others knew him so much better.
We did meet a few times and did like each other, and have corresponded frequently, sometimes also for this blog. My recollection of him can be summarized in "larger than life": brilliantly intelligent; utterly fearless; eminently entertaining and charming, and ludicrously witty; opinionated, authoritative and passionate; zero tolerance for mediocrity, bullshit, posers and charlatans; lived life to the fullest. Mensch.
And he was such a brilliant scientist and mentor who has given us so much and above all, touched so many lives.

And then, there are Jeremy's book, and his synopsis. And of course, the eulogy by the Sharklab, and the many loving testimonials.
And this.

Such a lovely man - I will miss him greatly.
My heart goes out to Marie and the family.

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