Thursday, September 13, 2018

Florida Land-Based Shark Fishing - Good Enough?

Yes this has happened, again - source.

Watch - story here.

Methinks this is not quite good enough.
But then again, conservation does not happen in a vacuum and will always be some compromise - so let's see how this plays out in detail. 
What I'd personally like to see, is precise rules with no more loopholes stipulating that all protected species must be released at once = zero leeway for dragging them anywhere near beaches and zero leeway for delaying the release because of taking measurements let alone pics etc - and draconian enforcement and prosecution of the transgressors!

And then there's more. 
Like I said, there are further extremely important public safety aspects that need addressing - but it's not my place to start that discussion, so keep watching this place.

Anyway, we will see will we not.
I continue to fear that the staff of the FWC will try to do the very minimum possible - but always happy to be proven wrong!
To be continued no doubt!

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