Friday, March 02, 2018

Escape to Shark Reef!

Very nice!

Check this out.
Juerg has been the scientific supervisor of our research and conservation for 15 years, and we simply could not be happier with the friendship, the level of cooperation and the many stellar papers our symbiotic relationship has spawned.
Contrary to what some self-appointed literal saviors of Fijian Sharks may want you believe, this is by far the most comprehensive and important collection of Shark research papers in Fiji. As such, it already has and continues to inform Government about sustainable Shark management, Shark conservation and sustainable Shark ecotourism.

And of course this is not the end by far!
As I consult my notes, there are several papers in the pipeline, some of which in preliminary stages all the way to some that are in final review and will be published very shortly indeed.

Keep watching this space!


Douglas Seifert said...

Bravo, Juerg! Keep up the great science work! The insights you publish in respected, peer-reviewed journals are incontrovertible proof of the value of provisioning as a means to study sharks. Nothing "unnatural" in observing behavior between sharks from a vantage close enough to focus on details and nuance. I can't wait to read your next paper.

Juerg said...

Thanks much, Douglas, for your kind words! Looking forward to seeing our paths cross again, hopefully very soon!