Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bull Shark Tagging in Fiji!

Very nice!

Check this out.
Pascal was here to assist Kerstin in catching and tagging neonate Bulls. And whilst she has been concentrating on the Rewa River where she has managed to bag more than 100 pups, he and Gauthier of Projects Abroad did fish in the Sigatoka - not as productive as the Rewa but in exchange the results have been  very interesting indeed!
And whereas I'm not at liberty to elaborate quite yet, I can reveal that they will most certainly become an integral part of an upcoming paper, so keep watching this space!

Anyway, lovely post!
And I had to chuckle at the typically Swiss polite reference to cultural challenges = the usual shenanigans where the locals will always try and test any newbie!



Love Nature Fiji said...

Awesome staff.

Kerstin said...

Nice post and interesting results indeed. Couldn't think of any better contributors.Vinaka to the fantastic Sigatoka crew; Franziska, Pascal and of course Gauthier.