Monday, January 01, 2018

Shark Bite!

Oh well - watch this.

PS - Hahahahahahaha - embedding has been disabled - but of course it has not been deleted as Freek wants to continue showcasing his heroic feat: you can watch it right here!
PPS - and now it has been retracted...
PPPS - and in case you missed it: here it is on another page!

Oh and here is the video - til it gets retracted again.... hahahahahahaha... seriously, how fucking pathetic is that!

Well what can I say.
That baited reefie snorkel where Doc weans his students and select visitors off their selachophobia has always been sketchy as all it took was some wrong movement and/or highly competitive situation and/or a particularly frisky individual to trigger a bite - and q.e.d.!
Not really impressed by the lack of proper first aid materials (QuikClot please!) on the boat, not really impressed by the absence of a medical professional and not really impressed by what appears to be a rather nonchalant evacuation protocol - but this is obviously not a tourist setup but a science lab, and the risk assessment and liability implications may indeed be different. But still - so let the learning curve be steep as shit will continue to happen!

And the dude?
I must say that he did handle it quite well, and that my personal impression that he was a bit of a wanker has improved accordingly - tho was there really any urgent need to show this to the masses at large? So here's to said masses learning that Sharks are never, ever puppy dogs, and that engaging in stupid behavior with wildlife is, well, stupid.

In diesem Sinne - Happy New Year everybody!

PS Shark bite here and here and here - til that gets deleted, too!
And... he really is a wanker for leaving that shit online!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

I’ve done that “dive” many times at the Shark Lab and it absolutely never looked like whatever it was he was doing, most likely to amp it up for tv cameras........ divers are kept away from the feeding zone while in a single-file roped line, and never allowed to be just smack dab in the middle like that, especially without safety divers! Unsafe actions and deviations from practiced protocol tend to have similar end results....

DaShark said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh - the first lesson being, never ever let film crews take control of your operation and dive etc!

Anyway ever since they've revoked the embedding feature my respect for those folks has plummeted to −273.15 °C!

jsd said...

I heard that the fellow indeed broke all the rules and bullied the lab crew into letting him swim into the middle of the baited sharks, to get dramatic film footage. Needless to say, Doc was not happy.