Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Investigatory Bite?

And I cite,
It [the shark] opened its massive mouth and as it's closed its mouth it kind of ripped down as it went to swim away," she said. "There was one metre [missing] off Callum's body. 
I was horrified, then I realised it was just the fin. We're just lucky that it was an investigatory bite and didn't involve any missing limbs. Once we got back on the boat I was pretty upset and a little bit shocked, but it's a really beautiful encounter with out of our most revered apex predator" 
What a load of horse manure - beautiful encounter my ass!

No that was not an investigatory nibble.
That was a predatory attack, and like they often do, that GWS was trying to immobilize its prey and went for the propulsion; and the dude is really incredibly lucky that he merely lost a fin and not his leg. Seriously, can we please  stop the bloody whitewashing and finally let Sharks be Sharks.

Thank you.

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