Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lupe - same old same old!

Oh FFS - read this.

Indeed, fucking image of the day no less - click for detail!
And of course, it's once again the fucking Sea Escape and the bloody Ramsey chick along with her demented circular echo chamber of self-promoting #Instagram sharkettes
For years now, those bloody attention-seeking disrespectful morons have been brazenly breaking the rules at Guadalupe and adding insult to injury by publicly flaunting their idiotic feats on social media. And let there be no doubt that starting with the name of the head Shark molester, it's nothing but one big calculated scam, a continuous celebration of gratuitous vanity and a succession of vacuous platitudes where the animals are merely being abused as props and conduits to perceived fame and money.
Seriously, what a fucking disgrace - the perpetrators and those who applaud them!

And the fucking authorities?
Is it really true that they are too corrupt, or too cowardly to finally enforce their own rules, and to finally cancel the license of the operator and finally ban those people?

We shall see shall we not!
The world is watching!


The Saffron Pimpernel said...

It seems now more stupidity is done in the name of awareness than in the name of religion.

#SharksMakeOxygen said...

Who the fuck isn't aware of white sharks?

DaShark said...

Hahahahahahahaha.... priceless!

Unknown said...

I have yet to see any solid conservation efforts or actual success from any of these self proclaimed media crazy “conservationists”
It would be nice to see actual action and most importantly some sort of “accomplishment.”

DaShark said...

Indeed - in essence, it's the Shark Angels on steroids = all very slick but on closer inspection, all equally completely devoid of substance and only aimed at making money.