Saturday, November 25, 2017

How NOT to experience Cage Diving with GWS!

Oh for crying out loud.

Have you seen this?
So after all that has happened - the cage breaches, the injured animals, the idiotic and illegal out-of-cage expeditions, the countless meetings and debates and then finally, the several revisions of the rules, and all those other efforts to finally steer the cage diving industry in Guadalupe towards a more long-term sustainable future,
  • How can the Islander in any way endorse those images of the chick repeatedly breaking the rules by completely leaning out of the cage? 

  • And why was she allowed to handle the bait? 

  • And assuming that the latina at the end, with the SEMARNAT and CONANP shirt  is an observer: WTF was she doing whilst that stupidity was enfolding - maybe having an extended siesta? Honi qui mal y pense - right?
I'm quite confident that now that I'm posting this, somebody will take notice. :)

To be continued no doubt!

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