Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Honoring the Fish Geeks!

Jack, with Helen, at the  Darwin Award ceremony.


This is my pal Richard, he of Tourette's.
I've blogged about him before and was particularly happy to discover this excellent tribute. No he really ain't a mere naturalist but is instead one of today's preeminent fish taxonomists and marine conservationists - but other than that, very fitting and certainly long overdue!

And then there's his mentor Jack, equally a friend.
Yes it's somewhat old and I should have really posted it earlier - still, bravo Christie Wilcox for this wonderful profile honoring the greatest living Ichthyologist and one of the humblest, most accessible and funniest people around. Of interest, the mentioned idiopathic neuropathy is likely due to Jack's long-term exposure to rotenone and not a late upshot of his many decompression accidents like we all thought.

But I'm digressing as usual.
Required reading - enjoy!

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