Saturday, March 18, 2017

BRAT - not a Brat anymore!


This is BRAT, and at close to 5m, she's now a serious Shark.
Of interest, on top of all those big Shark Suckers, she sports a small white Remora (possibly R. brachyptera *) that you can discern on her chin as she comes in and next to her gills as she swims away.
Kudos to Tumbee for this great circular feed and to the staff for having beautifully contained the Shark's rather epic exuberance.
* Having observed her swimming into BRAT's gill chamber, I now tend towards R. albescens.


Tom Vierus said...

Wow - that is simply fantastic!!! What a beauty <3

Lindsay L. Graff said...

What a beauty! Must have been an amazing moment on SRMR!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Can't believe I missed it!

Ornella said...

Wowwww what an encounter. So beautiful!!
I left a week too early...!

Shark-Girl said...

What a beautiful animal. Need to get back to Fiji!!!