Monday, September 21, 2015

Shark Dancer!

This is just great.

But of course there has to be a but!
Cristina is not a Shark dancer - were it not for the scores of nobodies that have already self-appropriated the moniker, she is the only one fully deserving of being called a Shark whisperer!

But I'm of course digressing.
Amazing, inspiring and intriguing as always, and great cinematography by Juriaan.


Tilou écovolontaire said...

Wonderful video. I had already watched it but without the sound... and you really need the sound to really feel all the emotions.
I'm looking forward to come to Fiji, learn more about sharks and feel how it feels to be in the water with those wonderful animals.
Je pensais le faire mais avec votre concours de photo-identification le rêve a commencé à devenir réalité. Ça y est, je suis inscrite pour 4 semaines d'ecovolontariat pour les requins en juillet prochain. Dès que j'ai le détail de mes dates je cale mes futures plongées avec BAD. J'ai vraiment hâte :-D

DaShark said...

Parfait - et en juillet il y aura aussi pas mal de monde = 40-50 bouledogues à chaque plongée!