Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Moce Brinkley!

Brinkley, Ty and some of the BAD gang - including the infamous Ledua gang and adopted BAD boy Charlie Charlie - click for detail!

We've just said farewell to Brinkley and Ty.

Here they are.
Yes I know it's obviously an advertising job - and yet, it very much reflects my impression of them insofar as to me, they are above all else authentic: no BS, no drama, no hype - just two young people discovering, experiencing and enjoying the ocean.
Plus, this is just beautiful, so enjoy!

I must confess that we were initially conflicted.
The landing picture on her website and  her apparent affinity to the Shark molesting Aloha crowd over in Hawaii did initially give us pause - but the pic is merely a modeling job and the affinity is merely perceived, and I must say that both I and Andrew are really happy to have overcome our reservations and given it a try.
What we've discovered is a lovely couple that despite of all the romantic surf culture aura, remain firmly rooted in reality and are traveling the world on a quest that could quite possibly, one day, lead to something remarkable. To me, there is, maybe, a bit of Valerie here - small, pretty, blonde, doing tough stuff among tough dudes whilst never losing touch with her humanity and artistry.
Maybe. We shall see.

Case in point, Brinkley's extremely popular Instagram page that far from being one of the usual pathetic solipsistic self-promoting sales jobs, is merely a simple travelogue, nothing more and nothing less - and yes we are grateful for the posts about Fiji, especially here and here, the more as we do know that they come from the heart.

So moce mada and godspeed guys.
Wishing you fair winds and following seas - and do come visit us again anytime!

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