Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nani - Article in the Fiji Times!

Bless the Fiji Times!

They have published a brilliant piece about Nani.
What can I say, she is everything they claim her to be.

And then some!
Loved by the staff and our clients alike, she is truly the keystone without which BAD would inevitably unravel and fall into ruin, a wonderful human being, strong, compassionate, brave and funny, and one hundred percent honest, loyal and professional. We are incredibly lucking in having her and I am fortunate to count her among my good personal friends.

Enough said.
Please do read the article here.


Tropical Selkie said...

Haven't read it yet (but WILL). However, I already agree 100%. I consider her a good friend and an absolute inspiration. I admire her and thank her for the amazing example she sets and the hard work she does, every day! Hugs to her and all of BAD.

Cristina Z said...

Absolutely what you have said and more. Nani is a wonderful person, a friend and for me a sister. Thank you Nani always for your warm hospitality and letting me experience the heart of Fiji. (You kick ass too)

Douglas said...

There is no one like Nani! The moment you meet Nani you know you are well and truly welcomed by the nicest of the BAD and she is an inspiration in every way.