Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mako vs Swordfish!


Awesome - tho the Swordfish may beg to disagree!

Still, the best ever Mako predation video remains this one.


Sam Cahir said...

So cool to hear the New Zealand accent complete with every second word being 'Bro'. Also nice to hear the correct name for the shark pronounced 'Marko' instead of 'M-ay Ko' which is Maori for shark (from memory).

jsd said...

From the Online Etymology Dictionary:-

mako (n.)
"large blue shark," listed as 1727 in OED, from "The History of Japan," English translation of Engelbert Kaempfer's German manuscript; however this is claimed by some to be an error, and some say Kaempfer's word represents Japanese makkô(-kujira) "sperm whale." But the description in the text fits neither the shark nor the whale. The word is ultimately from Maori mako "shark, shark's tooth," which is of uncertain etymology. If the 1727 citation is an error, the next OED entry is for 1820, from a book on New Zealand languages.