Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Numbers - could they be lower?

Read the article - they are finning even the pups!

Back to those 38 million.
I really did like this article about how Shelley Clarke had to beg and cajole in order to get access to the data of the Shark fin traders, and about how difficult it is to get to those numbers and make the proper estimates when working in the real word and away from the desks and couches of the armchair statisticians.

But now comes this.
Listen carefully at 02:25 - the demand has likely gone up but due to the fact that too many Sharks are being caught and are thus becoming more scarce, it may well be that the number of Sharks that are being killed has gone down! And may there already be an effect from having established those sanctuaries and fin trading bans? I wish!
But worry not - in isolation, the numbers mean nothing anyway!

Anyway, check it out!

And if this is true?
Then the trade may have become even more supply limited, with the consequences I continue to talk about, i.e. here, here and here!

Seriously, do read the links and think about it!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

30 of the fin market comes from Spain?

Let's hate the Spanish, no wait, they are not Asian, so let's not hate the Spanish.

Now I am confused.

Funny, I have yet to see some shady group threatening to poison Spaniards and yet it happens in Canada with Chinese Canadians.

Why is that you think?

DaShark said...

I did like your anti-racism post and said so here.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Indeedy, I have also suggested again that shark fin trade sites online could in fact give us all the data we need.

Round Seven for that idea.

I am sure many want to stay in the dark mumbling about the damn numbers.

I care not for that course of action. Instead, would rather see what shark fin activists could do with real time data coming straight from the shark fin sources worldwide:

Total cost for this project?

About 90K a year. A pittance.