Monday, August 22, 2011

NSW Grey Nurse Sharks - one last Push please!

Critically endangered on the east coast of Australia - but who cares, right?

Well done Katrina Hodgkinson!
NSW's inept Minister for Primary Industries has overturned the fishing ban around Fish Rock and the fishermen have come back in droves - and the Grey Nurse Sharks are once again being hurt in the process.
This according to this article and having asked, it is precisely so!

The question being, does Katrina give a F.
Most likely not. She has been voted in with the support of the Fishers and Shooters party and lemme tellya, having seen an interview with their positively rabid president, that's a seriously nasty, seriously vocal bunch of people who will fight hard for what they perceive as being their godgiven right to reap and pillage wherever they please, and F the future and especially, F anybody trying to establish marine protected areas!
That's her constituency and that's the mind set that is driving her actions.

Will there be transparency?
Will the Ministry publish the results of their consultations or will they hide behind processes, meetings and committees whilst the fishermen continue to ravage the GNS aggregation sites?
Anybody taking bets?

All we can do is do what we can do, i.e. participate in the consultation and tell those people that we do not agree with what is going on. Please check out these posts where you can find various templates and tips for writing the most effective submission.
The review will close this Friday, August 26.


PS - and true to her calling, she has now appointed an independent panel investigating the need, or not for Marine Parks. Check out the terms of reference & u can see where this is going.
Just great aint it.

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