Saturday, August 13, 2011

Edwar - ridiculously awesome!

Rosy-lipped Batfish, quite possibly a Cocos endemic.

Edwar Herreño is not only a brilliant photographer, he also films.
Here's his best of 2005-2008, shot in DV, and I can only hope he's gonna be upgrading to HD and continue shooting as what he's got is just simply too good not to be broadcast world wide!
You will see the very best of what Cocos has to offer, from Whitetip feeding frenzies (David: 3:48!) and mating Marbled Rays, Turtles, Eagle Rays and Reef Whitetips, to a male (!) Tiger Shark and the Rosy-lipped Batfish (Ogcocephalus porrectus) which is apparently different from the Galapagos endemic Red-lipped Batfish (O. darwini) - and of course, to heaps upon heaps of Scalloped Hammerheads!
Simply brilliant!


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Steve said...

Wow, terriffic stuff! I've got to get there some day.