Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Howard Sawyer - hear hear!

Trumpeting 100 million shark kills, year in, year out, serves no purpose other than to provide easy propaganda that’s ultimately counterproductive.

If feeding changes shark behaviour, because it suits the shark, they might survive, even thrive as a result. There’s no point waiting around for mankind, because it’s highly unlikely we’ll change our behaviour before it is too late.
Blue fin tuna anyone?

The shark simply cannot trust us to do the right thing. Not that it ever has, or that it ever will.
I’m no expert in shark behaviour, but I suspect they don’t give a monkey’s.

Love it!
I found the above by following a link on David's latest super happy sunshine blog post.
The author: one Howard Sawyer and all I can say is, I like the man!
His website features two articles about Sharks: this one about the numbers and this one, from which I've taken the above citation, about Shark feeding. Well researched, well written and quirky, they are highly entertaining whilst being highly informative - and I may add, whilst coming to the exact same conclusions as this blog, albeit in a much more eloquent way.
And, don't miss the piece about liveaboard diving!

Way to go!

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