Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Amos - another Round of Shenanigans!

Amos is once again flaunting his feats and pics.

Nah, don't worry, I'm not gonna double up.
I've said what I wanted to say, and others have too. Thing is, whilst Amos keeps laughing all the way to the bank, it's quite obviously a total waste of our collective breath. The Guadalupe operators have had eight months to sort out the continued illegal actions of Amos and especially, the illegal operations of Club Cantamar - and what have they achieved: you guessed it, obviously a big fat nada de nada de nada de nada!

Incidentally, have a good look at the pic.
The Shark is clearly munching on something - as in bait?
Having seen one or two Sharks having a snack, it sure looks like it - and if so, would that not yet again be a breach of the unequivocal rules?
So much for

Please explain to all your devoted readers the real value - ecological, environmental and research wise - in chumming recklessly and baiting for sharks to come close to your crowded cages - you guys are at best aggravating the shark and cause them to exhibit a behavior which is far from normality and or reality - these actions has no value what so ever but to drum business i.e. profit - in the process creating mostly wrong perception of this wildlife among the good hearted clients. This is purely entertainment not study and eduction of shark behavior


I apply exactly the opposite method of operation to the attract shark to the cage in comparison of the common one - the common action is attracting the shark by chumming and baiting...we do not bait and apply limited chumming. Our operation proof clearly that when there is no stimulus in the water i.e chumming - the shark act and behave peacefully and relax which is its normal being and totally different from the one around the cages when they are teased with chum and bait. While underwater swimming there is no aggression, or jaw gupping, sudden change in swimming direction and etc...

Did I hear out of context?
If you can stomach another read:here's the context!

Enough said.
And to end on a positive note: great pro-GW media from Oz here!
Bravo Andrew!

PS having been alerted by Patric's comment, I've gone searching - and guess what: here's the (actionable?) evidence!


Patric Douglas said...

That baited shark image was the kicker for me. No controls over a basic fundamental of our industry - the bait.

Amos hangs them like power snacks from the underside of floating cages for the sharks to take, at their leisure.

The second diver in that image is unaware that a shark is ripping apart a full tuna carcass. No mention of the cloud of extra attractant that comes off a feed like that, or the noise it makes triggering other animals in the area to come in for a look, in predation mode.

Amos once again showing he's really just experimenting with the lives of divers, and with the sharks.

All for a few images?

Not worth it, if it means this site gets shut down (it is looking more likely) and these animals harvested.

DaShark said...

Thanks for the comment, agree.

Went searching again and lookee lookee, he has conveniently provided for the evidence: it's exactly like you say!

The question is, what will the authorities do when they see this - continue to only inspect the gringo boats?

Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch said...

Nachoum's website for next year announces cageless diving with the whites so he's not now bothering to pretend otherwise:

'...you’ll have ideal conditions for both in-cage and out-of-the-cage encounters with one of the world’s most misunderstood creatures. (Yes, for an additional fee, some of us do venture out of the cage as well...'

It has always been thus with sharks and divers: certain divers have to do 'braver' things than everyone else to attract fame/worship/money. And it's always dressed up in the same drivel - they are showing the general public that sharks are underwater pussycats and claiming some sort of subtle (telepathic ?!?!?!) interface with the sharks such that they can read the sharks' behaviour. Of course it's utter baloney. Remember when Cousteau took a mechanical great white down and it stopped swimming properly - with which a large gw trashed it, nearly biting it in half...

On a few occasions with smaller sharks (grey reef, silvertip and silky)I've accidentally triggered an aggressive response - they charged in en masse and head butted me, swirling around me at full speed - and this in unbaited situations (in all those cases I suspect they briefly mistook me for an injured marine mammal as there were dolphins in the area on each occasion). - And these weren't hefty sharks but rather, meant to be piscivores.

Divers swimming with white sharks do not know what the whites' triggers are since they haven't yet triggered them and if they do they are unlikely to live to tell the tale. They could be as subtle as a current that the diver is struggling to swim against - I bet (though I'm of course guessing) that white sharks are sophisticated enough to pick up on that and instantly suspect an easy meal. By the time these divers find out what triggers a gws attack it's going to be too late.

DaShark said...


Where have we heard that before... same pseudo-scientific new age eco clap trap, same research institute, there's even an observer/minder with a pokey stick that can be conveniently blamed when the proverbial will hit the fan!

Oh well.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

"same pseudo-scientific new age eco clap trap"

I LIKE that!