Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pew Charitable Trusts: excellent Stuff!

Quick-quick before we batten down: I'm increasingly impressed by Pew.

Not only because they're filthy rich, but because they very quietly (and one could say: humbly) sponsor some of the very best Marine conservation projects around and notably, excellent things for Sharks.
In fact, if you looks further than what's being said at the surface, you can discern them behind the historical Palau Declaration and more recently, the decision by the Maldives to establish a Shark Sanctuary in all of their waters.

The news could even get better if the UK decides to turn the Chagos Islands into a Marine Reserve as recently announced.
Chagos is the Maldives' southern neighbor and the resulting Shark Sanctuary would truly be of epic proportions - with the added bonus of Diego Garcia and the ensuing patrols by the British and Americans! The French did very much the same during the inglorious Mururoa episode and unwittingly contributed much to the present health of the Tuamotu Archipelago in the process.

Like always, there's controversy.
The Chagossians claim that they want to go home.
"Home"? As in Madagascar, Mozambique and Mauritius? Or are they really aiming to resettle in the Archipelago in order to be economically nonviable and threatened by Sea level rise? Really???
Or may this be, horribile dictu!, merely about money and passports?

Who knows!
In any case, this scribe fervently hopes that the clamoring subsides, that the Chagossians get their money, or whatever, and that Planet Earth gets its biggest Marine Protected Area!
Fingers crossed!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Don't forget to mention Honduras...shark fishing ban as of last month.

Things are moving out there.

DaShark said...

The way I read Honduras, it's a moratorium to give time to assess stocks and determine sustainable levels before resuming fishing - at least that's what my poor Spanish made me understand.

Excellent as well but not quite of the caliber of Palau and the Maldives. I did mention it, and the Florida moratorium, in my post to Mary.

But yes, things are moving - and if I may add, driven by hard working and committed people who have humbly and quietly invested countless man hours into engaging into education and difficult negotiations.

Matt Rand said...

Thanks for noticing and the nice blog. We hope to have more victories for ocean conservation to come including more shark sanctuaries.

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