Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beqa Lagoon - The Book!

Behold the Book!!!

Welcome to God's Country! Fiji.
This beautiful full size hard cover book offers 200 pages and 316 photos above and below the sea in Beqa Lagoon and south Fiji. The photography is by internationally published photojournalist TIM ROCK.
This book is a visual trip to the south of Viti Levu, its people and its undersea attractions in the famed Beqa Lagoon. See the land, the coral reefs and marine creatures, the wonderful people and Fijian culture, aerials and overlooks and, most of all, the amazing sharks.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud we are!
Timbo and I started hatching the plan last September and his latest visit was entirely dedicated to developing a "feel" for the Country and to capturing all the required images - which being the consummate professional he is, he did absolutely brilliantly! As well as the writing and the editing!
Absolutely stellar - and yes, I am very very biased!

But judge for yourself.
You can preview it here and I strongly recommend that you use the "full screen" feature.
BAD aficionados will discover many old friends, both above and below the surface - and newbies will get an excellent impression of what's awaiting them should they decide to visit our shores.
All are in for a feast for the eyes.

So what are you waiting for - go and get your copy!!!
(Yeah I know that's pretty pathetic marketing... but still!)

Thank you Timbo - we owe you big time!


The Sharkman said...


You are right. Tim Rock captures the true magic and beauty of Fiji, above and below the surface. All the wonderfull memories have come alive in this book. Cant wait to get my hands on a copy.

Tim of the Deep said...

Thanks Sharkman! We we very fortunate to have a couple nice visits from Scarface (the tiger shark) during our days of shooting. And the bulls were magic. What I hope also comes through is the amazing variety and diversity found on Shark Reef Marine Reserve and the reefs within the lagoon. The wrecks were also a revelation. Very nicely overgrown. From macro to wide angle, you can sopend a lot of productive time underwater off the Pacific Harbour shores.


Tim of the Deep

The Sharkman said...

Scarface..... that was my only slight disappointment .... she was on holiday elsewhere when I was there, and 3 weeks or so later, she shows up for you!! Guess I have to return a second time.