Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sota Tale Lill!

Very sad!

Lill has just left for her native Norway after one year of diving with us.
Talk about culture-, and above all, climate shock!

It has been a real pleasure, and a privilege hosting her as she is a really nice person and a brilliant underwater photographer on top of that. As anticipated, it will be very hard to ever match her stunning Shark portfolio, the more as she earned herself the right to establish a quasi-permanent residence in the much coveted pit - actually much to the chagrin of your truly who found himself relegated to much less advantageous locations!
But as they say, pretty girls' privileges!

Take good care of yourself and come back soon - you're part of the team now!


Anonymous said...

Great job Lill ! Have fun in Norway !

(Tiger)Lily said...

Vinaka vakalevu na nunu, thanks for the diving!

What can I say - it has been a fantastic year! Although I was a great shark fan before I came to Fiji, it is nothing compared to what I am now. I have certainly learned at lot more about sharks, and had some incredible encounters with the eight species of sharks + the incredible fish life on Shark Reef, in various conditions, through 2009.

I feel really privileged to have been diving with the best and most professional shark diving team, you guys make it very safe AND exciting for everyone. The Shark Dive is ALWAYS brilliant, every time. I am sorry I will miss the big return of the bull sharks in January...

Thank you BAD (Beqa Adventure Divers) for taking good care of me in the shark pit (and thanks for trusting my blonde self INTO the pit in the first place...). Now back at the North Pole (only minus 6 degrees today, nice and warm), I will use my shark images to tell the "Sharks tale" - as a small contribution to raise awareness and help the public understand shark behaviour and the threats that sharks face.

Vinaka vakalevu Viti, sota tale! Au na nomi Viti, au na noma na QIO - and all the BAD boys (and girls!)...: )

I will miss Fiji and all of you! (and YES I will be back)

Moce Mada,