Sunday, December 13, 2009

Florida - excellent News!

Hopefully, soon, no more of this in Florida!


The good people from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission FCW have approved wide-ranging measures aimed at protecting the state's stressed Shark populations, among which a total ban on harvesting Silkies and Sandbars (and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks which however don't occur in Florida waters).

And the commission has also approved (I hear, unanimously!) draft legislation to fully protect Florida's Lemon Sharks!
Great news and huge Kudos to the impressive coalition of activists, NGOs and scientists that have tirelessly worked towards achieving this goal. I read that a final public hearing on the proposed lemon shark rule will be held during the February FWC meeting in Apalachicola - so there, just one more push and it should hopefully be a done deal!

More info here.