Friday, August 28, 2009


Yes Andrew is disgusted!

There's days when I despair.

Like today.
I discovered a veritable cheesemaking masterpiece in a local supermarket.
The iconic Caprice des Dieux is a recipient of the coveted Golden Cup of the Bon Goût Français and and a global ambassador of Gallic savoir vivre. To stumble upon such a treasure in Suva, Fiji can only be called miraculous. Never did an exiled gourmet exclaim Hēurēka (literally!) with more joy, gratitude and fervor!

Life in the islands quickly teaches you that when presented with such serendipitous and unique opportunities, one has to act decisively.
I cleaned out the whole stash.

I also decided to share this epicurean trouvaille with a good friend.
Well, I guess one could say that no good deed goes unpunished.

Enter Gary Adkison.
Gary is like a brother and in many ways, one of my heroes.
He also happens to be the object of an idealistic, and i now realize, hopelessly naive long-term rehabilitation (or should I say: habilitation?) project by Juerg and myself aimed at exorcising him from his fatal addiction to American junk food.

An initial shock therapy in Florida ended in a spectacular failure.
Equally spectacular were the results of a subsequent detoxification program where we availed ourselves of the complicity of his loving and endlessly patient wife Brenda. As time went by, she managed to gradually habituate him to periodic ingestions of unpatriotic fare like Weisswurst and Gravlax. A particularly promising milestone was reached as recently as August 2 when he managed to imbibe, and then pronounce Château Margaux without biting his tongue.

Upon his arrival in Fiji, we sequestered him in Andrew's house and kept him on a strict and wholesome diet of local delicacies like dhal soup, kokoda, dalo and tavioka from the lovo and above all, yaqona and Vegemite sandwiches. His habitus quickly improved to that of a happy, albeit marginally rubicund Hulkster lookalike.

Looks like we overlooked a jar of contraband chunky peanut butter.

Yes, you better believe it: that would be a peanut butter - Caprice des Dieux sandwich!
The sacrilege has been reported to the Quai d'Orsay and sources within the DGSE confirm that should he ever have the audacity to set foot onto French soil, he will will be apprehended and marched straight over to the next available, and preferably rusty guillotine.

Oh well.
Love'ya big mon!


Robert said...

I'll take you to Burger King when you return.

The Sharkman said...

Don't forget to add some Maltese "Black Eagle" Gary.