Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sharky stuff: Shark Men Rusi, Alex and Gary on Shark Reef. It's a nice pic of real nice people: click on it!

We had the great honor and pleasure of hosting Alex the Sharkman.

He lives breathes dreams Sharks and has done so since his earliest childhood.
He is a Shark poet, Shark blogger, Shark lover, Shark conservationists and Shark activist. Wherever Sharks are threatened, he will raise his authoritative voice. Contrary to many, he's not only a talker, but very much also a doer, for which he has earned my respect.

I've known about and admired Alex for a very long time and when we developed the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project in response to his International Year of the Shark , we decided that it was high time that he come and meet our friends at Shark Reef. He has been with us for the past three weeks where he has assisted in Gary's newest tagging sequence and given several interviews to the local media - but above all, he has dived dived dived!
We all had a great time, marked by a shared passion and mutual respect.

Alex, like Nani said, you are now family.
We miss you, and so do our Sharks.

Come back soon!


The Sharkman said...

Bula Shark friends.

For once... I am speechless. No spoken or written words could ever say it all, so..


DaShark said...

Vinaka Alex!