Friday, March 07, 2008

Ta da !!!

Great News!

It has taken weeks of cajoling and subservient supplication - but the Hawaii Dream Team have finally agreed to roll out the Results of last month's Fish Count. They however ask me to include the caveat that this is work in progress that may remain in a state of change.

I cite:
"But does one ever complete such a project? It is already ramifying into realms of possible new species description, biogeographical considerations, faunal and habitat changes over time, etc. (....)
Obviously further research is required at SRMR to fully assess the faunal diversity.
Considering the constraints of observer time and survey methods utilized, the 381 fish species recorded during a brief window of time in a limited area is an impressive number and indicative of a rich and diverse fish fauna.
The shark population at SRMR would appear to be supported by a solid foundation at lower trophic levels."

Besides featuring several Range Extensions and very possibly, some new Undescribed Species, the List is a treasure trove of supplemental information that can be accessed by clicking on the small links in the lower right corner of the pictures.
Having promised not to embarrass John with further accolades, I must however insist in commending Rob Whitton for setting up a phenomenal, instructive and user-friendly website - way, way better than we could have ever imagined or hoped for!

We all are obviously incredibly proud and unendingly thankful.
Guys, from the bottom of our hearts, Vinaka Vakalevu!

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