Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Kid on the Block!

To the discerning Sharkaholics, male Silvertip Sharks are somewhat of a Holy Grail.
Having dived many of the iconic Silvertip spots from the Burma Banks to Valeries' Reef to Avatoru Pass, I've only ever seen one, a tiny sub-adult hovering above Silverado Rock in Cocos Island.
People in the know tell me that whereas the big females are resident, the males are transient and also prefer much deeper water, well below recreational diving depths.

Same for Shark Reef: so far, Madonna, Joker, Lady and the other Silvertips have all been females - so imagine my surprise and excitement when this lil cocky fella came dashing into the Arena!
Did he only turn up for a quickie or will he make a Commitment and hang around?
Men being men, only time will tell - but he's been back again, as documented by the above picture.

And who is the lucky, and talented photographer, I hear you ask?

None other than the intrepid guardian of not only the Cute and the Furry (or was it "Hairy"?)

but also

the very Big and the very Noisy,

my friend Karen Varndell of Dive Vava'u!

I think it's great that the Bold and the Toothy have a place in her heart as well!

Fingers crossed that our very first male Silvertip will become a regular and thus warrant an own name.

Which one?
Well, obviously, Adam!

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