Monday, March 26, 2007

The Original Crocodile Man comes to Fiji

The team at Beqa Adventure Divers were proud to play host to the "Original Crocodile Man", David Ireland and his cameraman Mark for 2 weeks in early March.

David & Mark were visiting to shoot a documentary about the legendary Shark God, 'Dakuwaqa' for their latest series, The Wildlife Man. In Fijian folklore, the people of Beqa are protected from shark attacks and in exchange they will not harm, kill or eat sharks.

All of Pacific Harbour welcomed David & Mark, with Uprising Beach Resort kindly hosting them for the 2 weeks, Arts Village took them for a tour of the cultural centre and Beqa Adventure Divers took them diving.

Keep an eye out for the finished product airing on Discovery HD and Channel 9 Australia later in the year.

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