Friday, March 30, 2007

Amazing video by our clients - and a surprise!

Lots and lots of rain this March, and quite a few cyclone warnings: perfect weather for chilling out at home, do some editing and surf the web!

I've always wondered what our camera-toting clients manage to put together after their short visits with us and all I can say is: amazing stuff!
Here's a good example from a lucky 1-day dive on Shark Reef, and here, a nice slideshow/video combo. What really did blow me away however was this production featuring double tiger sharks: fantastic, bravo!!!

And, then a huge surprise: there's even a re-edited version of my very own naughty file!!!

I was kinda speechless but then again, an audience of next to 23,000 is way cool, too.... though I like my original music much better and the aspect ratio is off, meaning that in reality, the Sharks are NOT that fat! 
Having identified and talked to the culprit, we've both decided to leave it there.


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