Saturday, March 18, 2017

BRAT - not a Brat anymore!


This is BRAT, and at close to 5m, she's now a serious Shark.
Of interest, on top of all those big Shark Suckers, she sports a small white Remora (possibly R. brachyptera *) that you can discern on her chin as she comes in and next to her gills as she swims away. * Having observed her swimming into BRAT's gill chamber, I now tend towards R. albescens.
Kudos to Tumbee for this great circular feed and to the staff for having beautifully contained the Shark's rather epic exuberance.


Tom Vierus said...

Wow - that is simply fantastic!!! What a beauty <3

Lindsay L. Graff said...

What a beauty! Must have been an amazing moment on SRMR!

Gauthier Mescam said...

Awesome! Can't believe I missed it!

Ornella said...

Wowwww what an encounter. So beautiful!!
I left a week too early...!

Shark-Girl said...

What a beautiful animal. Need to get back to Fiji!!!