Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dusky Sharks vs Humpback Calf!

Have you read this post by David?

Here's the video.
What strikes me as peculiar is the absence of the mother, meaning that that calf would have eventually died of starvation - and with that in mind, are those Duskies really hunting, or are they merely acting opportunistically (certainly not cooperatively!) and dispatching an animal that was already condemned for reasons we ignore = possibly lost or abandoned?

Anyway, watch.


Michael Patrick O'Neill said...

I've photographed this species here in Florida, and it's one of the most badass and electrifying sharks I've ever encountered. I have teeth marks on my camera from one dusky, and on a July 4th weekend a few years back I was hit so hard by another that it shook me up (literally) so bad that I got back on the boat and called it a day. My train of thought was always "ok, this guy might bite me, but he'll never try to eat me." Watching this video and reading the account changed everything.


DaShark said...

Remember this?

According to the taxonomists, the Galapagos is merely the oceanic form of the Dusky - and if so, that SA "Galapagos" would have been a Dusky.
In any case once they are big they are certainly a Shark warranting extra circumspection!