Thursday, May 23, 2013

Megalobomb - brave or suicidal?

I would say, suicidal - the more as she lives right there!
Having dared to call foul on some of the BS coming out of South Africa, I can tell you plenty of unappealing stories about the tribalism, the idiotic conspiracy theories, the circling of the wagons and the lynching of the messenger - even in cases where the end result of the fracas was a clear overall improvement like in the case of the ZIBS

But of course that's why she's DaBomb!
She's got guts, and being both a researcher and an industry insider, she's clearly got the faculty to analyze the sharky shenanigans like few others do - if any at all!

And once again, I must concur with her assessment.
The mimic kelp, or whatever, is a load of unsubstantiated crap - much like the Shark Shield, and all those magnetic and other gizmos by Sharkdefense where the effects, albeit unequivocal, are simply not strong and predictable enough to be of any real practical use. 

But maybe I'm wrong,
But then, how about first performing the rigorous research and only then dazzling the public with some spectacular, replicable and peer reviewed data - 1'000 years later

Or here's a suggestion.
Deploy a circle of plastic kelp in Shark Alley and then throw in a) plenty of bait and b) ABC4's Shark-conserving bikini bimbos - obviously whilst he films them in super slo-mo, LIVE! 
Now, THAT's what I call REAL science!!!

But I'm digressing as usual.
All I wanted to say is, read this great post by Megalobomb!
To be continued no doubt!

And, we shall keep checking on her well-being and physical integrity!


Megalobomb said...

Day 3: Still alive and the plastic pollution is still in the alley!

Thanks for the repost!

DaShark said...

Happy about the former - not so much about the latter!

And the Sharks, what are they saying?