Friday, March 26, 2010

Hawaii - Vote Vote Vote!!!

From Stefanie

Subject: Immediate quick action in the next 3 hours!!!!!! KHON News

The shark finning news story was on the 6pm news.
It came out great! They are keeping a running vote on the bill on the website to see how the public support is for the bill. The results will be broadcast this evening at 10 pm. We have 2 hours to boost this vote.

Please chime in and pass this on to EVERYONE you know.
PLEASE go the site and click on the "Cast Your Vote" on the right hand side.
Above you can watch the shark finning piece.

Vote here - video here.

This popular vote could be very powerful.
I can't believe 33.7% have already voted AGAINST the bill!!!!
We can do better!!!!

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The Sharkman said...

Bill to go up again.