Friday, March 26, 2010

Conservation Fail - three

The Porbeagle decision has been overturned.

This means that not a single one of the proposed Marine species has been granted protected status: not the Northern Bluefin, not the eight species of Sharks, not the 31 species of red and pink Coral.

More later.


Shark Diver said...

Sadly I won a $100 today from a researcher and conservationist that said the po'beagle was a done deal.

I said "not so fast."

Time to get angry Mike, stay angry for a week, call out the ones who failed and then, let's get going on real conservation. It starts in your own backyard, you know it, we know it, now let's get it done.

A pox on all those who treated Doha like a spa weekend.

DaShark said...

Ya know, I'm not even that angry!

It just sadly re-reinforces my reservations against some of those NGOs out there, and the hopelessly amateurish non-strategies they pursue.

Time for some accountability!