Saturday, May 08, 2021

Shark Reef - Video!

BRAT, way back then when life was easy
The virus is on the loose.
Government is doing a truly fabulous job in containment and contact tracing - but as we all must play our part, we've all decided to home isolate, meaning that I've had plenty of extra time on my hands. 
So there.
Filmed in 4K and down-sampled to ProRes 1080 due to my measly upload speed of 242 kbps  - and it still took me nearly five full days to post!
Oh and.
There's a reason why ours has been called The Best Shark Dive in the World - and this is why. 
The dive keeps on changing, and we keep on learning and adapting, too - but after literally thousands of dives I for one continue to find it as mesmerizing as on day one!

Watch in 1080 - enjoy!


Cristina Zenato said...

Meraviglia di fauna, bellissimo montaggio, musica perfetta, quanta nostalgia...

DaShark said...

Grazie - detto da te che hai sempre capito vale il triplo! :)

Mancate solo voi - comunque l'anno prossimo rimediamo!

The Sharkman said...

WOW....Jawsome video. Brings back so many great memories. The sharks are amazing but so are the rest of the marine creatures that co-exist with them. I sure miss it all, but thanks to you and BAD, I can say that this was the BEST SHARK DIVING I ever did!!


Jono said...

Insane footage Mike. I can not wait to get back there. This video shows how professional your team is in an truly special place. I can not believe the Tiger shark footage it's Crazy good!

Shark Diver said...

Awesome video! I can't wait to come back.

DaShark said...

Thank you thank you - I'll be here all week! :)

@ Jono and Martin: you do realize that you're both in the video - yes?

When it comes to seeing you again, methinks that we'll now have to wait for everybody to be vaccinated as I fear that in view of what has just happened, the appetite for travel bubbles may be very low indeed.
And anyway, being situated smack in the middle of a population center we may not even qualify.

Oh well - it is what it is.
Onward and upward!

Stay safe everybody!

Tom Vierus said...

Great video Mike and awesome footage as always!! And five full days upload - that is true dedication :)

Shark Diver said...

I did see my cameo in the arena :-)

Elena Salim Haubold said...

Wow!!!! Amazing video!!!! 🤩

Unknown said...

Stunning footage of the worlds best shark dive and the magnificent Shark Reef Marine Protected Area - proof positive that provisioning can create an excellent visitor experience as well as returning a dead reef to vibrant health. The number of shark individuals and the number of species is truly mind-blowing. And this film shows all the smaller animals that tend to get overlooked as over-excited photographers and divers are fixated on bull sharks and other megafauna while frogfish and octopus get overlooked. For anyone who has ever visited, this film whets the appetite to visit again and experience the beauty and diversity of this very special dive and MPA. Bravo bravo bravo!

the young bull said...

Epic video

DaShark said...

Long time no see young bull - thanks for popping by! :)

Michele Hall / HHP said...

What a magnificent video. My heart raced as I watched it. The footage is amazing (as you already know). Watching it brought back wonderful memories. What a tremendous testimony for this being called The Best Shark Dive in the World.

Jayne Jenkins said...

Amazing footage and loved the editing - best shark dive in the world - cant wait to get back there.