Tuesday, April 16, 2019

15 Years of BAD Videos - Coming of Age!

And here we are!
Needless to say that we're mighty proud - and after much trial-and error, it also looks like we might be finally doing something right! :)
Anyway, notable more recent clips include:

Howard and Michele!

Fiji's first National Marine Park!

Happy, and very funny clients - and the FOOTAGE IS 100% REAL! :)



Juerg and Kerstin!

16:55ff: Tashi Blue and My Fiji Shark!

Lemme tell'ya, it has been quite the adventure!
And although the job is by no means done, we're certainly getting there, baby step by baby step, with BIG NEWS looming in the not-too-distant future!

To be continued!
And THAT's a promise!

1 comment:

Juerg said...

A big congratulations to BAD! So proud to have been part of this exciting journey!