Sunday, March 03, 2019

World Wildlife Day 2019!

Lots of Elasmos - I like it! :) Click for detail!

And I cite.
The World Wildlife Day 2019 aligns closely with the Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water, which focuses on marine species, and will be an opportunity to highlight the critical issues and values of marine wildlife to our everyday lives. The occasion will also celebrate successful initiatives to conserve and sustainably manage these species, and to scale up support for future initiatives.

In line with the UN General Assembly Resolution proclaiming World Wildlife Day, the CITES Secretariat and UNDP call on all the Member States and organizations of the United Nations system and other global, regional and sub-regional organizations, non-governmental organizations and all interested individuals, to: 
  • observe and raise awareness of the theme for World Wildlife Day 2019; 
  • associate the celebrations with major national and international conservation events; 
  • build collaborative partnerships; 
  • organize campaigns to support the conservation and sustainable use of marine living resources and their products using targeted strategies in order to influence consumer behavior; and 
  • make use of the World Wildlife Day logo as widely as possible.
So there.
Supporting the conservation and sustainable use of marine living resources is what we do every single day - and you now have the opportunity to assist in that endeavor.
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Thank you.

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