Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Shark Attack in the Red Sea!


This is bad - watch in HD.

As to what exactly happened.
Apparently there was no bait *- and for once I tend to believe that. 
One very knowledgeable friend speculates that the victim may have gotten in the way of the OWT who was targeting the dude in the shorts, and that the OWT did bite him in order to chase away a perceived competitor in what would be a case of agonistic behavior.

I beg to differ: to me this looks like a quintessential predatory attack
What strikes me is how small that Shark is, meaning that it may be a subadult who is still experimenting, or not a very good hunter and thus particularly famished, or just a particularly bold individual - but of course we will never know as per this unforgotten brilliant post by Rick.

Story here.
If there is some lesson to be learned from all of this, it escapes me ** - maybe with the exception of the fact that playing possum when faced with a pesky predator may not be the best strategy!

Let's go Shark diving!

* or maybe there was?
** or maybe not = read the rather shocking comments in the above link!

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