Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sharks in the Ba Estuary - Paper!

Love love love this pic - source!

Nice job by Tom et al.
From what I gather, whereas the field research has been challenging, the paper has been a rather traumatic experience - and no, no need to elaborate, the more as the good news is that this finally completes Tom's master thesis and that consequently, he can now fully concentrate on his already impressive career as a conservation photographer and filmmaker
So big congrats Tom - in every sense!

And the Ba estuary?
Our own ongoing research suggests that it may well be more than a mere aggregation and parturition site, and confirms that it is certainly a place of great interest warranting protection - but  these things are complicated and take a lot of time, and bycatch mitigation and enforcement will always be a huge challenge, meaning that at present, I'm alas not terribly hopeful for the short term.  
But hope springs eternal, and we're certainly going to stay on it.

In the meantime, enjoy Tom's paper.
To be continued no doubt!

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