Thursday, May 17, 2018

Not a Shark Cage?

Right - click for detail!

Read this.
Those are Western Australia's Rules for Shark interactions by Aquatic Eco Tours. “Aquatic eco-tourism” is defined as tourism relating to fish in their natural environment and includes the viewing or feeding of fish but does include the taking of fish.
And these are the rules pertaining to fishing. 

And now watch, and read about this fucking fiasco
Yup that would be yet another production for Shark Week barging in and rubbishing yet another location. And surprise surprise: like he has e.g. already done in Fiji, the Bahamas, Guadalupe and New Zealand, the hypocritical  king of Shark porn is once again smack in the middle of it all.

Just great isn't it.
And let's be crystal clear about it: this is not fucking CinemaScience (I mean, seriously!!!) or environmental filmmaking let alone conservation = this is illegal, unethical and exploitative rubbish perpetrated by human garbage - and let there be no doubt that Discovery Channel is certainly an accomplice, too!
Anyway, not surprised - but it sure is a crying shame seeing Charlie's name associated with that shit!

And like an old broken record let me repeat
Here are my own questions to fellow Shark diving operators, researchers and conservationists.
  • Are we going to continue pretending this aint happening?
  • Are we going to continue watching that shit?

  • Are we the operators going to continue enabling it?

  • Are we going to continue giving our business to operators who do?

  • Are we going to continue associating with those people?
Questions questions - you know who you are!


To the spoils go the victors? said...

ABC and Red Rock Films represent the WORST of productions at a time when people with actual talent and morals are producing some of the BEST right now.

DaShark said...

Agree about the WORST - but I'm yet to see the BEST as all I discern is much hubris and personality cult and little useful information let alone productive calls to action.