Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Florida Land-Based Shark Fishing - FWC Meeting!

Remember those last posts?

But now there is an, albeit tiny, chance for improvement as the FWC is slated to discuss the matter at its next meeting in Ft. Lauderdale on April 25 and 26.

So you Shark loving folks, here's your chance.
First, inform yourselves because just attending to make the usual breathy noise will most certainly not cut it; and then go there and have your voices heard!
FWC summary memo here, presentation here.

And since we're at it.
There will be a discussion about opening the protected and generally Critically Endangered Goliath Groupers to limited harvest.
This is obviously highly controversial and you should inform yourselves and participate in the discussion. FYI, personally and despite being an avid angler I would vote against it as from a recreational fishing perspective, catch & release is legal and perfectly sufficient - but that's just me. And if there really are too many in Florida, how about catching some and releasing them where there are not enough which is everywhere else!
FWC summary memo here, presentation here.

There you have it.
Long story short, stop talking and start doing - and no, the usual tired raising awareness counts for less than nothing!

Wishing you the best of success!

PS - open letter with plenty of good info about land-based Shark fishing in Florida right here!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

Shiffman's open letter is incredibly informative and well-written. Still can't believe there's a Hammer Challenge Shark Tournament that is on-going! *mind blown....and not in a good way*

Anonymous said...

We have been ACTIVELY fighting this issue for the past year and our little citizen voices are finally being heard. Don’t worry, this time it is much different than any efforts in the past, thanks to a handful of concerned citizens. :)
First time in history this issue is on an FWC agenda and we will get this done. Andy F

DaShark said...

Fingers are crossed - I've seen what you have done and am fucking impressed!

It's high time the FWC stop cozying with the fishermen and start enforcing its very own rules!

Unknown said...

Yup, just wanted to reiterate that there is a coordinated effort that not only includes attending and speaking at the meeting but long-term engagement with all stakeholders...plus the first shore-based mortality study that is starting in a few short days. Stand-by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
It should be an interesting day Wednesday!
By the way, you can listen to DEMA lawyer Bob Harris on Scuba radio talk about the issues. We have been working closely with him. He mentions our little group and our efforts!


Andy F